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Chester County Sheriff's Office


Instructions Rule 105.3(b) of the Chester County Court of Common Pleas Local Rules of Criminal Procedure states the following:

In any criminal proceeding in which a court appearance by a prisoner housed by Chester County Prison will be required, the party, designated by C.C.R. Crim.P. 105.3(c), shall contact the Chester County Sheriff and request that the prisoner be transported.

The Sheriff shall be provided with:

  • name of the prisoner
  • prisoner identification number or date of birth
  • the time of appearance
  • location of the appearance.

Absent genuine exigency or most unusual circumstances, a request for transport of a prisoner shall be made not less than one day before the scheduled court appearance.


Requests for transport of prisoner(s) when less than one day before the scheduled court appearance:

  • Complete the online prisoner transport request form
  • Note the exigency or unusual circumstance that exists in the “additional information” section of the form
  • Immediately notify the Sheriff’s Office control room at 610-344-4000 of your special request  
  • Wait for an email response from the Sheriff’s Officer confirming or denying the request

If you need additional assistance in completing your request, contact the Sheriff’s Office Control Room at 610-344-4000.

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