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Non-County Consent for Computer Access / Acknowledgement

This form must be completed by the person requesting access - NOT a county employee.

Please be sure to submit a Network Account Request form along with this form. BOTH forms are needed to set up non-employee computer access.
I understand that the County of Chester’s (County) computer systems, databases, and network are private computing systems (information systems) for use only by authorized users. Unless I have been granted permission to the County’s system(s), any access by me to the County’s system(s) for which permission has not been granted may expose me to criminal and/or civil proceedings. My use of this system, and all information or communications accessed, stored, or transmitted on it by me, with or without authority, or in excess of my authority, is subject to review, monitoring, and recording by County system personnel, without notice or permission. Any information or data thus obtained by County system personnel also are subject to review by law enforcement and judicial officials in connection with the investigation or prosecution of possible criminal activity involving the system.

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